b. 1964 Mulumbina/Newcastle, Australia.  l&w.  New York, USA  

The kinetic sculptures of Ian Burns engage us in a whimsical yet profound examination of how images are constructed and consumed in our media-saturated world. The sculptures, resembling eccentric homemade computer systems, are crafted from humble materials such as cheap wood, street-found junk, department store electronics, mass-produced furniture and assorted eBay treasures.

His signature approaches involves trompe l'oeil videos, where elaborate constructions, composed of disparate objects, coalesce into a realistic image that is delivered to an embedded monitor through a small camera. Burns' installations often create controlled, albeit playfully absurd, viewing circumstances, challenging the passive nature of the viewer and exploring the complex relationship between agency and passivity.

MAK Museum for Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria • National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia • Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, Australia • Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia • Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia • Australian Center for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Australia • Museum of Art and Culture, Lake Macquarie, Australia • Chartwell Collection, Auckland, New Zealand • 2IC Museum, Louisville, USA • Frankfurt Museum für Moderne Kunst, Germany • Detached Collection, Hobart, Australia • Jumex Collection, Mexico • Berge Collection, Spain