b. 1984 Melbourne/Naarm, Australia . Lives and works Melbourne/Naarm, Australia

Michael Georgetti's practice encompasses painting, sculpture, and installation.  His approach is characterised by three-dimensional conceptual paintings with an anthropological quality, offering a critique of the politics of display.

He eschews traditional hanging methods, incorporating gleaming silver and brass frames that playfully interact the paintings they contain - often acting as conduits for consumer branding and logos.  Georgetti views these framing elements as cultural signs loaded with intrinsic meaning and value - akin to images rather than mere text.

In the midst of the sleek allure of Georgetti's work lies a deliberate disruption of expectations. Assimilating modernist tropes that Georgetti uses to trigger cultural nostalgia, his seemingly  haphazardly cut and affixed collaged elements reveal a rawness that challenges the notion of the art object's aura, as discussed by critical theorist, Walter Benjamin. 

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